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Family Bios: The Fire Family

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Members (oldest to newest): Connor Rouillard, Nathan Bailes, Sydney Worrall, Alex Summers, Charlie Worrall, Julie Nguyen, Jackson Collins, Ladson DuBose, Christian Arango, CJ Swartzwelter, Anna Kirven, Christian Blackburn, John Twitty, Hannah Purvis, Kelsey Depositar, Aleric Stell, Kylee Nelson, Rich Bozard

What is your favorite thing about your family?

  • Sydney: Our slight obsession with fire and the crazy energy we all give off

  • Nathan: We are very diverse

  • Arango: The group chat

What makes your family the best out of all the others?

  • Arango: The ancestry

  • Nathan: We are the ones with the giant paddles

  • Sydney: We are an amazing mix of everything and every kind of major

Do you spend time with your family? If so, what do you all like to do?

  • Nathan: Cook, watch movies, sporty stuff, build stuff, football/baseball games, make music, go exploring

  • CJ: We grab lunch, have TV nights, and are always texting in the group chat

  • Sydney: Movie nights, TV nights, games, and bonfires

Describe your family in 5 words or less.

  • CJ: Chaotic nerds

What makes your family unique?

  • Sydney: We are a crazy mess, but it somehow works. We also have a bunch of Scouty boys

  • Arango: The amount of members who've been on exec

If you were stuck on a deserted island with your family members, what roles would you all take on?

  • Sydney: The boys all try to get help. Julie, CJ and I are the moms trying to make sure everything is okay. Arango gets eaten, and Anna and Jackson are just chilling

  • Nathan: I'd eat Charlie or Jackson, Sydney would get us rescued, and I would go full Bear Grylls

  • Arango: I go crazy, CJ gets eaten, Julie looks for help, and Connor builds a raft with the other Scouty boys

What is your family theme song?

What superheroes would you and your family members be/superpowers would you all have?

  • Arango: I'd have telekineses, CJ would have super strength, Julie would have stretchy powers, and Ladson would breathe fire. Connor would be the Master Carpenter, and Hannah would be Captain Marvel

Assign your family "Most Likely to" superlatives.

Sydney --

  • Most Likely to Drink You Under the Table: Sydney

  • Most Likely to be a Grumpy Old Man at 20: Charlie

  • Most Likely to Moonlight as a Pole Dancer: CJ

  • Most Likely to Freak Out Over Grass: Nathan

  • Most Mom-like: Julie

  • Most Likely to Challenge His Little to go Drink for Drink: Connor

You and your family are on spring break (pre-covid). Who gets a drunk tattoo? who gets arrested? Who bails everyone out? Who makes the trip itinerary, and who ignores the itinerary completely?


  • Drunk tattoos - Arango and Blackburn

  • Arrested - Sydney or Anna

  • Post bail - Ladson and CJ

  • Plans the itinerary - Julie

  • Ignores the itinerary - John and Hannah


  • Arrested - Arango

  • Post bail - Nathan, Julie, Connor or Sydney

  • Plans the itinerary - Julie and CJ

  • Ignores the itinerary - Anna and Arango

What's one thing you wish people knew before joining your family?

  • Hannah: There aren't many of us that are still in Clemson, but we are a mighty few! I've loved getting to know my family and always having their support

  • CJ: We genuinely care about each other and will look after each other no matter what

What are some good qualities in your family members?

  • Hannah: Everyone is super supportive and made me feel instantly welcome when I was pledging (even the members that already graduated!)

  • Sydney: We will love and fight for you like a bunch of momma bears with their cubs

  • Arango: Protective, communicative, loving, crafty

  • Nathan: Loyal and kind

Pick your favorite TV show/movie/video game. Who in your family replaces the main cast?

Big Mouth (Arango) --

  • Jay: Arango

  • Missy: Julie

  • Lola: Sydney

  • Jessie: CJ

  • Gavin the Hormone Monster: Ladson

  • Maury the Hormone Monster: Charlie

  • Matthew: Hannah

New Girl (CJ) --

  • Jess: Julie

  • Nick: Ladson, Charlie

  • Schmidt: Arango

  • Winston: Alex, John

  • Cece: CJ, Hannah

  • Coach: Blackburn

Harry Potter (Sydney) --

  • Dumbledore: Connor

  • Snape: Charlie

  • Peeves: Arango

  • Luna: Anna

  • Hermione: Sydney

  • Harry: Julie

  • Tonks: CJ

  • Ginny: Hannah

  • Neville: Blackburn

  • Sirius: John

  • George: Ladson

  • Ron: Alex

Who's your favorite family member? Why?

  • Hannah: My big, Ladson! Rushing during a virtual semester was stressful but he made it super fun and made it my favorite semester at Clemson. We were a perfect match and I've found my forever best friend in APO!

  • Arango: Julie because she's my big

  • Sydney: Julie, my first little and all-around sweetheart

  • CJ: Julie, because she's Mom and gives me good advice

Assign your family to Hogwarts houses.

  • CJ: Nathan, Connor and John are in Gryffindor. Julie, Alex, and Hannah are Hufflepuffs. Ladson and Sydney are Ravenclaws. Arango, Anna, Blackburn, Charlie and I are in Slytherin.

You're all stuck on the Among Us space station. Who's the imposter, who gets ejected but isn't the imposter, who gets murdered first, and who finishes all their tasks? Who wins?

CJ --

  • Imposter: Sydney

  • Innocent that gets ejected: Arango

  • Murdered first: CJ

  • Finishes all their tasks: Julie

  • Wins: the Scouts

Arango --

  • Imposter: Sydney

  • Innocent that gets ejected: Connor

  • Murdered first: Arango

  • Finish all their tasks: CJ and Julie

  • Wins: Sydney

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