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Why Gamma Lambda?

There are many great reasons to join APO at Clemson University! There are also many aspects of our fraternity that set us apart from other Greek life and organizations throughout Clemson, the ACC, and the country. We've listed some of the reasons we think that APO Gamma Lambda is the best brotherhood to join below!

  • ​Gamma Lambda is dedicated to the advancement of diversity and inclusivity on campus

  • Our semester dues are 85% less than the average fraternity at Clemson

  • APO has an expansive and elite alumni network across the world

  • APO is a no-hazing fraternity

  • Gamma Lambda runs Clemson's annual Blood Bowl, offering opportunities to be ON the football field for some games


THe pledging process

After you are inducted into Alpha Phi Omega you begin your pledging semester. But don't worry! Alpha Phi Omega has a strict NO HAZING policy. For many members, their pledging semester is considered one of their best semesters at Clemson. If at the end of the Pledge process you have met all of the requirements of pledging, you will be asked to be a brother.

Pledging lasts 10 weeks and consists of several interviews and tests on the history of Alpha Phi Omega. Pledges are asked to attend 50% of the service projects designed by the 1st Vice President of Service. Pledges are encouraged to set up one-on-one interviews with the active brotherhood so as to get to know each brother on a personal basis. They are also expected to attend all business meetings which fall on the first, third, and fifth Thursday of every month.

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