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Awards at Regionals

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Written by Jake Adler

During the Region LMN Conference held in Raleigh, NC two weekends ago, our chapter was presented with three different awards (big thank you to Lexi O’Quin, our chapter delegations chair, for applying for these!!!).

The first award presented (shown to the left held by Sav Stephenson) was the Region L Stickney Wasiolek Award for Excellence in Advising, presented to our advisor, Bob Hogan, in celebrating all the hard work he does as advisor for Gamma Lambda. Congratulations Bob!

The second award presented (shown in the middle held by DeMarco Grayson) was the Region L Scouting and Youth Service Award, presented to our chapter as a whole in celebrating our accomplishments and all that we’ve done through MBU and other service projects that have provided so much service to humanity.

The third and final award presented (shown to the right held by Drew Johnson) was the Region L Student Leadership Award, presented to our 1st VP of Service, Drew Johnson, in celebrating all the hard work that he’s put into making Gamma Lambda a more successful and welcoming environment. Thank you Drew for all that you do for us, and congratulations!

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