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Alpha Phi Omega Nationals Conference 2023

"Through the gracious support of the Alpha Phi Omega Endowment, Gamma Lambda was able to send nine brothers to the 2023 National Convention in Indianapolis over winter break. At the convention, we had the opportunity to grow in our understanding of the three cardinal principles through “learning labs” and commune with brothers from all across the country. Numerous brothers from our chapter served in conference leadership roles, such as the Nominations Committee Chair, and the Advisory Committee Chair, and I had the special honor of serving as the Head Celebration Chair for the event!

My journey as Celebration Chair was certainly unique. When I first arrived at the convention, I was completely unaware I would be serving in this role. The previously delegated Celebration Chair, Elodie Quinn, was unable to attend last minute, and I was thrown into the role. I was initially excited, yet also nervous to take on such a large responsibility. Although I really enjoy leadership, I often overthink and worry about what’s to come. However, this experience taught me the importance of ‘going with the flow’ and trusting that everything will work out for the best. In addition to representing our chapter on the national stage, I got to grow in my connections with national leaders like the recently reelected National President Melody Martin, and National Executive Director Bob London. I, alongside other members of GL, made close connections with brothers from Florida, Indiana, Virginia, California, and  many other states all across the US. We have continued to keep in touch with many of these individuals since the convention, and some are even planning on visiting us in Clemson later this semester.

I am excited to take the memories from the National Convention with me after I graduate in May: ice skating with my brothers, late-night Five Guys’ burger runs, and laughing till the late hours of the night. I am so fortunate to have found my Clemson Family with Alpha Phi Omega and truly loved getting to witness how brothers from all across the country had also found that same sense of community with their chapter."

-Christian Blackburn, APO Gamma Lambda President, Spring 2024

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