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Family Bios: The Plaid Family

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Members (oldest to newest): Chase Lawson, Mike Spires, Noah Wisch, Waring Hills, Alec Tepfenhart, Wyatt Morris, Mac McCrary, Alyssa Labdon, Andora Fess, Grant McIntyre, Chris O'Quin, Robert Frederick, Lauren Carder, Abby Simpson

All answers are provided by the man, the myth, the legend, Wyatt Morris!

What is your favorite thing about your family?

  • How we all fit together well as a family even though there are so many of us.

What makes your family the best out of all the others?

  • Our family is really laid back and likes to joke around a lot, but we also care about each other the way a family should.

Do you spend time with your family? If so, what do you all like to do?

  • We have family dinners during the semester. We also go to events sometimes such as the Punk Flea Market in Greenville.

What makes your family unique?

  • Our sense of humor.

What's one thing you wish people knew before joining your family?

  • We can be a lot at first in terms of talking and joking but deep down we all care about each other and want the best for one another.

What are some good qualities in your family members?

  • Sense of humor, caring, supportive, fun to be around.

If you were stuck on a deserted island with your family members, what roles would you all take on?

  • We would eat Robert first; Grant would go full Bear Grylls; Lauren, Mac, and Andora would actually do productive stuff; and Alyssa and Wyatt would talk about anime.

Pick your favorite TV show/movie/video game. Who in your family replaces the main cast?

  • Spongebob - Me

  • Patrick - Rob

  • Sandy - Alyssa

  • Gary - Chris

  • Mr. Krabs - Grant

What is your family theme song?

You're all stuck on the Among Us space station. Who's the imposter, who gets ejected but isn't the imposter, who gets murdered first, and who finishes all their tasks? Who wins?

  • Imposter - Abby

  • Ejected but not Imposter - Grant

  • Murdered First - Chris

  • Finishes all tasks - Alyssa

  • Wins - Abby

What superheroes would you and your family members be?

  • Chris is Bean Man. He is the only superhero

Assign your family to the Hogwarts houses:

  • Gryffindor- Wyatt, Alyssa, Mac

  • Ravenclaw - Andora, Lauren

  • Slytherin - Abby

  • Hufflepuff - Rob, Chris, Grant

What's a good story about someone in your family?

  • Our family jokes about how Robert is a simp for following a girl out to Arizona.

Assign your family "Most Likely to" superlatives:

  • Most likely to be a Pro Gamer - Chris

  • Most likely to Simp - Rob

  • Most likely to blackout on Starbuck's Refreshers - Alyssa

  • Most likely to sing the National Anthem at a sporting event - Mac

  • Most likely to be named after a spread - Grant

  • Most likely to ghost the Groupme - Andora

  • Most likely to be a world renowned artist - Abby

  • Most likely to judge the rest of us - Lauren

Who's your favorite family member? Why?

  • Myself. The rest of them are too wild.

You and your family are on spring break (pre covid). Who gets a drunk tattoo? who gets arrested? Who bails everyone out? Who makes the trip itinerary, and who ignores the itinerary completely?

  • Drunk Tattoo - Wyatt

  • Arrested - Rob Chris and Mac

  • Bails everyone out - Lauren

  • Makes trip itinerary - Alyssa

  • Ignores itinerary - Abby & Andora

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