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Regional 2019

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Written by Jake Adler

Two weekends ago, eight of our Gamma Lambda brothers embarked upon a journey North to the diverse city of Raleigh, NC, in the campus of the North Carolina State University to attend the LMN Regional Conference. There were plentiful opportunities to meet APO brothers from all across the East and from various different schools, providing for an opportunity like none else. This also included interacting with APO’s staff of the upper echelon, such as National Executive Director, Bob London. For this semester’s Zeta Delta attendees, that meant meeting their pledge class namesake, Allen Wong. In the photo depicted above, our Pledges (from left to right), Cory, Jake, and Nam are shown with pledges and petitioners (chapter founders) from throughout the region.

Cory describes Wong as, “really funny” and, “really chill when you might expect him to be scary. He’s really humble.” Jake says that, “Wong is one of the most [he] had ever met. There was nothing quite like meeting a gentleman who has been so influential and distinguished in APO’s modern history.”

All of the pledges had the chance to acquire Allen Wong’s interview and attend one of his program sessions, where he described his compelling story, and as some might say, changed their lives.

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